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Ini adalah hasil dialog saya dengan pembeli/buyer/agent untuk giok-giok biasa:

hi Jim My chinese wife is more expert on this than I am as she has lived and worked with the jade carvers for this few years in many places in China. If they see me, an american, they run the prices up, so this is not good. so I sent her to do this work for me and she has learned much in the last 4 years. Also we get fair prices if they do not see me so we can compete in the business with other Chinese in China.One thing we worry about dealing in antiques is we see many many china village people that are making fakes that look old in many china carving villages. the streets are full of villagers doing that work in anything from dying jade carvings and beads and making them look old, to pottery, art paintings and wood and brass works and many other things making them look very old. They are so good at it we just can not know the difference on some items. so we rarely deal in antiques because of the risk of it being an untrue historical works of art.Your carvings however to me do look very old looking at your photos. so please do not misunderstand me, i am not doubting you.However some buyers may question the antiquity. So we must prepair for that. if you have any photo documentation such as underwater photos of the wreck being excavated would truely help document your work as well as any other documentation.It may be possible we can have some future buyers if we can get them interested and the prices are right. You may send any photos via email . More detailed clear photos if possible of all the items you wish to sell, as well as a list and sizes and weights. we can possibly try to help you from our website. It is always worth a try. I can cut off the writing from your photos i think.I see some of your photos have writing in indonesian language, some i understand, some i do not. What is the meaning of Giok?if you can send original untouched photos with no editing with words on them i can post them on the website. we can write english text under each picture as long as you let me know what to write. I know a little malay Bahasa language. but not too much now as i have forgotten alot of it. and no indonesian language although some words are similar. i have a malay dictionary and there is a website to translate some indonesian to english.I do get some art collectors watching out website frequently.My wife is from China, But she is not clear of the writing on the one carving, (Giok 00 Cover), because it looks unclear to her in the photo. Maybe an old form of chinese writing she is not fully familiar with ??. Her english is not the best so it is hard for her to explain to me.If she doesn't understand, she knows who will know this writing in China so i can translate it to english. she also knows over 200 stone carvers in China and they may know some information on the carvings as well.I am very interested in working with you on this. however as I do not know you, how can we do this business together short of me flying to Jakarta to inspect them in person which is an expensive proposition. Please send more information adn I will check into it.Thank you, Kind regards,Larry Pruitt

hi Jim serpentine is soft and a bit chunky. jade will not scratcheasy with a steel knife. it is 6 - 7 in hardness. marble is soft only2.2. a hardness of 10 are diamonds. this is called the Mohs have some nice things.tnx Larry

hi Jim the government always wants to know some things and have documents offree ownership etc. We will have trouble with customs offices in anycountry to bring these in without proper documents. i know the US isvery hard to do. they want papers on everything.How can this be shipped out of your country legaly?this is something you must check. this can be a big problem manytimes.just a thought. Larry

Hi Jim thank you. it is ok i am glad to help. I do enjoy this work. iwish i knew more abotu this but it is rewarding to learn. I will askmy wife again about this and send it to china to her father. he mayknow more about the writing. some my wife knows. it tells a date. butexactly what she dont know and she is from China only last year and asmart lady well educated in China so it must be old. it is real jade.this i know. just much more i cant say except like my guess is fromburma stone. because of the colors this tells me this.

Well we can see what we can do. also i know that the chinese havebeen going to Java for many long years time. so im sure there is alotof historical things. but if we can tell some storys of how they arefound and it will help sell them for a better price i think. I see the items in this email are also very nice.i am not familiar with that stone color. so it may be something elsetoo. it looks to be jade though. i see many colors. my wifes familyhas a very old carving. it is dark brown. darker than yours and wewere told this jade was from long ago because it is all gone now. but like you we do not know when. over 100 years we do know.back to your 1st group. that carving with the writing has a time onit. what do you have in mind for prices?
maybe we can get lucky to dosome business. just how i dont know. maybe see if someone wants themand then go from there? it is a beginning. thanks Larry

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