Jumat, 15 Februari 2008


Period: Kanbun Shinto 1661
Mei: Mumei
Nagasa: 27 inches
Construction: Shinogi Zukuri
Nakago: Ubu
Yasurimei: Sujikai
Kitae: Itame
Hamon: Gunome with choji
Boshi: Ko-maru with hakikkake
Thickness at Munemachi is 5.5mm, at yokote is 5mm.

Habaki: Kaga style silver foil in very good condition.
Around 1661 (Kanbun Shinto), many swordsmiths left Seki, in Mino province, for Echizen province. During this time many blades were produced, and the particular style we hear of so often (Kanbun Shinto) was established. So, we now see that many blades are in the Shinto Tokuden tradition while still retaining some Mino (Seki) characteristics. Hirotaka, Kanenori, Kanetaka and many more quality smiths produced swords In Echizen.
This is a very well made sword with a very "crisp" feel to it. The polish is still healthy and in sashikomi finish. There is some light pitting at the kissaki, but I do not feel it warrants a polish, the sword can be enjoyed the way it is now without shortening it's life needlessly. The gunto mounts have what I was told is the Toda family mon, I am researching that. A beautiful piece.

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